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Noah’s Wife: WHAT WAS SHE?

What little information we have about Noah’s wife from Scripture tells us one thing: – she was the man’s wife. (I write this piece for the purpose of study.[i] I have no intention of maligning her memory or of anyone else associated with her.)

Mrs. Noah first appears in the text in Gen 6:18 (“I will establish my covenant with you, and you will enter the ark – you and your sons and your wife and your sons’ wives with you”). Next, we find her when the family entered the ark (“On that very day Noah and his sons, Shem, Ham, Japhet, together with his wife and the wives of his three sons, entered the ark” (7:13, also in v7). The final mention of Mrs. Noah occurs after the Flood had subsided. God commanded Noah to “Come out of the ark, you and your wife and your sons and their wives” (8:18).  All told, Noah’swife is referred to 4x in the Genesis Flood story.

This is my argument: I have reason to believe that the (genetic) bloodline of the giants can be traced back to Mrs. Noah.

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